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Mr. Belt&Wezol

Dutch DJ duo Mr. Belt & Wezol have recently been responsible for a unique sound in nowadays dance music, steeped in classic house vibes and perhaps best portrayed with their first joint track 'Homeless', released in 2013. Made by Sam, the duo's producer, the tune launches Mr. Belt & Wezol as innovators in dance music. Especially with the release of recent, high charting tracks ‘Finally’ and ‘Somebody To Love’ this reputation gets acknowledged more and more. Take for instance their new solo "Good Times". Though Mr. Belt & Wezol are influenced by house music of the 80s and 90s they reject the idea of taking DJing too seriously and try to vary in the music they put out. In doing so, they have carved out a new space for themselves within the EDM community.

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The hitmachine from Delft! For some years now, DJ PJ has provided the groundworks for the greatest nights throughout the year. From Good Old Classics to the Top40, DJ PJ manages to use music to turn the place upside-down! Although his style is so diverse, he always makes sure that you, the public, goes bonkers. Join him for the roller coaster of a lifetime, and venture into music styles unknown!

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'Duisterhof', with his real name Bart Duisterhof, has been mixing it since the age of 12. Started off playing music at friend's parties, he became well-known through the style of music he plays. Now, he has multiple big clubs on his resume, including Manuel Broekman and Club Empire. His main goal: to ensure a great night for everyone. He does this by mixing well known tunes with Deep House vibes, although other styles of House aren't foreign to him either.

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Tommy Smits

An Aerospace legend during the day, a musical genius during the night, Tommy Smits knows how to get you of your feet. By giving not only the music of our generation but also the Classics a new tint, he knows more than anyone what is needed for a night to remember!

Peppy en Cocky

Peppy and Cocky are two of the best of our own faculty. They are known for their chill style and their specialty of turning it up a notch with their greatest mixes! Throughout the years, they have never failed to bring their very best and get people moving to the rhythm. Due to the their talent of transforming a party into madness, we couldn't start the night off any better!

Ciccionina Stage


A brotherly duo ready to blow your mind! Originating from the city of Utrecht, Englehart has turned into a well-known DJ duo here in the Netherlands. With their great taste for house and techno, they are sure to get you moving with the rhythm. Come and see for yourself how these two can transform a hall into a new dimension.

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Heaux Couture

Heaux Couture, who have already rocked multiple festivals such as Daydream Festival or Wish Outdoor, are coming to Airbase to turn things upside down. With their combined forces, and music expertise, they are able to produce music that not only combines the essentials of house, but gives it a refreshing taste that will make you want more. Don't miss your chance of getting a taste of the extraordinary vibes these two are able to make!

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The master of the DJ table, Somnium will release his inner creativity once again and overwhelm you with the greatest house music you've heard so far! By placing this field of music in a new spotlight, a real sensation is created. Do not miss your chance to see him live, and join him at the Ciccionina stage!

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Yes, indeed, DiscoFransiscoo will start the night at the Ciccionina Stage. This DJ has proven his capabilities multiple times and guarantees beats that will make you lose your mind. Don't hesitate to check him out live and witness true party spirit!

Airbase 2017